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Auxiliaries, Circles, Units, Bands

Praying Women Of Faith:

Our Women's Ministry is designed for the specific purpose of reaching, teaching, encouraging, equipping, and unifying women until we all attain oneness in faith, maturity in Jesus Christ, and being ready for every good work according to Ephesians 4:12. Our goal is to be accomplished through these avenues provided by our women's ministry.

The center of the Women's Ministry is the "Praying Women OF Faith" Fellowship, to which all the women and auxiliaries are connected and invited and encouraged to come. It endeavors to bring all the women together within the church for a time of fellowship and information on the affairs and events of our Women's Department.

These include:

Praying Women of Faith  Women's Fellowships:

1. Young Women Christian Council (age 19 to 40 )

2. Christian Women Council (Above the age of 40)

3. Hospitality Committee Unit

4. Usher Board Unit

5. Elders & Ministries Wives Circle

6. Deacon Wives Circle

7. Missionary Unit

8. Sunshine Band Auxiliary: Age 12 and under (SBA)

9. Purity Class Auxiliary: Age 12-19 (PCA)

10. Laywomen's Unit


Hospitality Unit: Sister Patricia Gordon

The Hospitality Unit is vitally essential to the support of the church ministry. It is wise to select workers who love the Ministry of Helps and possess the necessary skills to accomplish the goals outlined in our local church effectively. The primary functions of the Hospitality Unit are as follows:

To provide hospitality support in anniversaries, special services, and programs designed by the Pastor (i.e., Pastoral Anniversary, Church Anniversary, Youth Day, and Appreciation Services, etc. 

To provide support on the District level for all functions as requested by the District Superintendent and District Missionary or the Designee. 

To support the Jurisdictional Women's Department by supporting the Jurisdictional Director of Hospitality with entertaining guests and coordinating meals when needed. (International Department of Women's Handbook COGIC)


The Sunshine Band/SBA

The Sunshine Band is a ministry that nurtures children twelve years and under through worship services, instruction, and activities. We build partnerships between the home, school, and church to provide our children with a holistic support system as they navigate life's vicissitudes. 

The primary focus of the Sunshine Band is to serve our children by providing a vibrant Christian framework and interactive opportunities to build their solid spiritual foundation. Our endeavor is that each child will understand, know, and experience God at their age-appropriate levels. We offer extensive biblical principles, appropriate behavior, leadership development, and stewardship training. Our goal is for them to receive salvation in their developmental year. 

Our objective is to promote the formulation of a scriptural and spiritual foundation for each child; to plan and execute activities for each age group according to their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual maturity; To provide drama, music, arts/crafts, field trips, special worship services, retreats, and workshops, designed to instruct children and give guidance in developing Godly character; To promote salvation, academic success, athletic development, dignity, excellence, growth, healthy relationships, and talent; To build character, faith, leadership skills, self-respect, and self-worth in each child; To develop love, loyalty, and appreciation for God and our church; and To encourage and reinforce biblical and social standards in teaching our children to live lives that are holy and pleasing to God. (International Department of Women's Handbook COGIC)


Purity Class Auxiliary/PCA

The mission of the Purity Class is to provide a wholesome environment for youth development as well-rounded and balanced individuals dedicated to living a saved and sanctified lifestyle. It discourages all vile behavior that violates true Christian virtues and molds Christian character. 

Its purpose is to teach the Word of God and encourage Puritans to study God's Word, hide it in their hearts, and apply it to their lives. To provide tools through various activities that will empower them to prioritize Jesus Christ in their decision-making. These activities include rap sessions, revivals, career days, workshops, seminars, retreats, group projects, bible bowl, annual teas, youth annual days, drama, etc. 

The objectives are to build on the foundation of holiness, setting a standard for good, moral behavior that will enhance the development of youth leaders and future leaders in the Church—teaching the values of abstaining from premarital sexual behavior and the use of illicit drugs and other destructive behavior. (International Department of Women's Handbook COGIC)


The Nursery 

The purpose of the church nursery ministry is to provide a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere for the nursery-age children of our members and visitors, which honors the Lord and supports the parents in the care and education of their children in a consistently safe, clean, and wholesome facility through a caring, qualified, and motivated nursery staff.


The nursery is provided for 6-month-old to 3-year-old children. Care of children four years of age and older is provided by the Children’s Ministry through their educational programs.



Young Women's Christian Council

The Young Women's Christian Council, ages 19-40, aims to promote Christian fellowship through instruction, development, and training for young women. It is to empower young women to impact their homes, church, and community through the power of the Holy Ghost. To encourage holy living and dedication to Christian service in the church and community. It is to inspire women to build a Christian fellowship and share relationships. To instruct, develop, and assist young women in outreach and evangelism as they commit to active internal and external ministry for the sanctifying, unifying, and edifying the body of Christ. To be an asset to the Pastor's wife. The YWCC also addresses numerous concerns of young women, including finding a mate, home building, meal planning, parenting, childcare and development, understanding teenagers, marital issues, etc. Additionally, YWCC is designed to be an asset to the local church pastor and the District, Jurisdiction, and International work. (International Department of Women's Handbook)

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Christian Women's Council

The purpose of the Christian Women's Council, for women above the age of 40 years old,  is to promote and inspire Holy Women to retain the values and principles of Holiness by precept and example. It provides natural, spiritual, and financial support to the church (local, district, jurisdiction and international. It motivates high moral and spiritual standards among women in the home, the church, and the community. It's to promote the love of God, mankind, and the work of the Lord, to promote the spirit of oneness in spiritual stability, for greater effectiveness in women's work, and the church's spiritual growth in general.  Instruct and train women in holiness and holy living principles and practices. Instruct and train in women's work in the home and the church. Instruct and train women in the qualifications, roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of Godly leadership, etc. (International Department of Women's Handbook COGIC)

God Answers Prayers Faithfully!

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