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Leaders of North Dakota Jurisdiction

Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Michael R. Cole & Jurisdictional Supervisor, Supervisor Cheryl J. Rountree


Bishop Michael R. Cole, Prelate
North Dakota Jurisdiction COGIC

Mother Cheryl J. Rountree
Jurisdictional Supervisor

Jurisdictional First Lady, Mother Herminia Cole & Supervisor w/o Charge, Mother Virgie Pulliam


Jurisdictional Leadership Department of Women



Jurisdictional Leadership

Administrative Assistant, Pastor James H. Henderson &

Superintendent Victor B. Rountree (The Worship District of Bellevue)


District Superintendents & District Missionaries

Superintendent McKinley Moore & District Missionary Benita Robinson (Anointed District)

Superintendent James R. Henderson & District Missionary Juliet Davis (Praise District)

Superintendent Steve Betts & District Missionary Vernice Ivy (Unity District)

Superintendent Derrick Jackson & District Missionary Sandra Hager (Glory District)

Superintendent Victor Rountree & District Missionary Vickie Wright (The Worship District of Bellevue)

District Missionary Vickie Wright (The Worship District of Bellevue)
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