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9:00 AM To 10:00 AM Weekly

Sunday School Is Marching On!

Hello, and God bless you.  I am Deacon Isaac. We are excited about seeing the approaching Fall Season. The beginning of a new year will begin for us at Endure To The End Ministries, and that means new classes. This year, the Sunday School Ministry will be launched beginning in September. If you desire to know who God is and become a stronger disciple of Christ through the Word of God, you are invited to attend Sunday School with us every Sunday from 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM in the main sanctuary in the house of God. Books will be provided. There are children's classes and adult classes available. If you need a ride to attend Sunday School, please contact us to schedule a ride. 

All About Our Sunday School

Sunday School is Christian education at its best. Sunday school is the arm that reaches people of all ages for Christ. “Reaching” is contacting people and motivating them to listen to the gospel honestly. Because evangelism involves spreading the gospel, Sunday School consists in teaching them.  Sunday school is the church’s teaching arm. “Teaching” means guiding the learning activities that meet human needs. The Deuteronomy verse expresses that step through the words “they may hear.”  The ultimate goal of teaching is “that they may learn.” Sunday school is also part of the church that wins people to Christ. “Winning” involves understanding the gospel and motivating a person to respond to Christ. The Old Testament expression “fear the Lord” means to bring a person to reverential trust of God. It was a concept of salvation. Today, we might describe a person who “fear[s] the LORD” as someone who receives Christ or trusts the Lord for salvation.  


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